HSE HG Serum

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HG stands for Hair Grow!

HG is a 100% Natural blend of 11 premium raw ingredients specifically aimed at helping mane & tail hair grow rapidly, soothe flaking & itching and help prevent further hair loss. It’s the Serum to use if your horse has rubbed parts of mane or tail out from itching or rugging.

No fillers or useless ingredients in this serum. We use a natural Coconut Oil base that is chock full of added goodies for the hair like Vitamins A & E, Rosemary, Lavender, Jojoba and many others that we will keep under our hats. HG Serum is Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal, promotes circulation to the hair folicle and keeps the skin highly mositurised to allow the hair to come through.

Like all of our products, HG is extremely concentrated and a little goes a long way! No need to slather or suffocate the skin and hair with greasy sprays. Just a few drops rubbed into the affected areas daily is all that is needed to see results. We are proud to have more than a few qualified veterinarians recommend this serum for promoting hair growth for healed scarring.


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